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Religious Freedom

Freedom to Worship Artist: Norman Rockwell

Freedom to Worship
Artist: Norman Rockwell

As past Legal Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Philadelphia Office, Amara has worked on many cases invoking issues of religious freedom and the freedom from religious discrimination.  While many of these cases stem from the Muslim American community, and her past and ongoing work with that community, Amara accepts religious discrimination cases from persons of varied religions, religious denominations, and religious affiliations.  In fact, Amara demonstrated her commitment to religious freedom for all Americans by expressing her support, and offering her assistance, to plaintiff’s counsel in the case of Wasserman v. Pa. Bd. of Funeral Directors, described below. A representative list of Amara’s past case work, and other advocacy, involving religious freedom includes the following:
  • Submitted in support to law firm representing rabbi in a case alleging discriminatory enforcement of generally applicable law governing funerals.
  • Successfully changed state prison’s visitor dress code policy to accommodate religious dress.
  • Successfully enforced National Passport Center policy permitting hijab in passport photos.
  • Successfully obtained a religious accommodation in an employee uniform case.
  • Successfully defeated facially neutral “anti-Shariah” bill through direct advocacy, public education, legal education, and coalition-building (multiple publications and presentations).
For more information about Amara’s publications and presentations on this topic, click the Publications & Presentations of this website.

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