Representative Cases

National Security

Flag of the USA (United States of America)  As past Legal Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Philadelphia Office, Amara's domestic national security cases have occurred in a variety of different contexts, including employment law (reinstatement of a federal employee’s security clearance revoked for alleged susceptibility to "foreign influence" 30 years after conversion to Islam), immigration law (failure to adjudicate immigration petition due to unspecified “national security” concerns), and criminal law (conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists).      
  • K.H. v. U.S. Dept. of Defense (D.O.H.A.)--  Sole counsel for federal employee who had his national security clearance revoked after truthfully disclosing contacts with persons and places in the Middle East.  Representation culminated in a day-long adjudicatory hearing before an administrative judge within the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals in Arlington, VA.  Result:  the previously revoked security clearance was re-instated and Client was returned to his prior employment position.
  • Sharipov v. FBI, et al. (E.D.Pa.) -- Sole counsel for Petitioner.   Writ of Prohibition seeking to prohibit FBI from unlawfully interfering with adjudication of immigration matter & Writ of Mandamus (as well as claim pursuant to Administrative Procedures Act) seeking a court order requiring USCIS to fulfill its administrative duty in adjudicating immigration petition which had been delayed, for several years, due to FBI interference.  Result:  immigration petition adjudicated and Client obtained Lawful Permanent Resident Status.
  • In re: Grand Jury Proceedings (E.D.Pa. & U.S.Ct.App. 3rd Cir.) -- Sole counsel for Subpoenaed Parties (three foreign nationals).  Significant litigation concerning alleged abuse of the federal grand jury process (trial & appellate levels).
  • George v. TSA (U.S.Ct.App. 3rd Cir.) Filed amicus brief in support of a college student carrying Arabic-English flashcards in an airport detention case.
  • Successfully challenged local FBI practice disallowing national Muslim civil rights organization's attorneys to represent clients in voluntary FBI interviews.
In addition to Amara’s legal case workon national security matters, she also frequently publishes and lectures on topics related to national security. For more information about Amara’s publications and presentations on this topic, click the Publications & Presentations of this website or go to:

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