Assault by Police Officer

Filed Entry of Appearance in case involving altercation with a police officer.

Calling a Terrorist a “Terrorist” (article)

This article appears in the April 2016 edition of Upon Further Review, an online publication of the Philadelphia Bar Association.  Full title:  “Calling a Terrorist a ‘Terrorist’:  Why Philadelphia’s Cop-Shooting Jihadist Should Be Prosecuted Under PA’s Criminal ‘Terrorism’ Statute (Instead of Waiting on the...

“My Speech is Better Than Your Speech”

Part of the “Civics for Grownups” curriculum which I am planning on behalf of the ACLU-Phila. and in partnership with the Free Library of Northampton Twp.  At time of this posting, my co-presenter is TBD.

“Fighting Words”: Free Speech in the 21st Century

Principal planner of 2016 ACLU-Philadelphia Annual Meeting. Also moderating a “roundtable” panel discussion which will explore, question, and challenge the extent to which the First Amendment guarantee of “free speech” can, and should, apply to “hate speech.”  Questions will focus upon examples of “hate speech” which have arisen in the public discourse over the past...